Lying Beside You

by Michael Robotham

A strong plot combined with smart, punchy writing ensures this thriller is a satisfying read.

A powerful and addictive reading paradise. Cyrus is called to help investigate a missing woman’s case while preparing for his brother’s release from a secure mental hospital. If you haven’t met Cyrus and Evie, I suggest you start with the first part of the Cyrus Haven series Good Girl, Bad Girl, which I love so much and have won the 2020 Crime Writers Guild Golden Dagger Award. It’s now the third book The book is out, and I’ve been camping out for each new addition. I read Lying Beside You and it was absolutely exciting, I’m addicted, and addictive stuff can make me addicted. Cyrus and Evie are equally fascinating, their different childhood traumas creating an invisible thread that binds them together. The calm and storm they each provide makes for an unforgettable pairing that’s one of my favorites in the book world. Michael Robotham knows how to engage and keep readers interested, while Cyrus and Evie tell their own stories in alternating short, sharp chapter bursts. The other characters feel fully formed even if they’ve only been on the page for a short period of time, oh I really liked adding Elias to the story, having been a shadowy character until now. The pacing of the story is handled brilliantly, and while I want to get through it as quickly as possible, there’s an undercurrent of empathy and compassion that keeps you stuck in the here and now. Lying Beside You is as good, engaging, and incredibly readable as the first two installments in the series, joining them as the LoveReading Star Book.

New thriller and bestseller from authors Richard and Judy Peake with 6 million copies.

Cyrus Haven’s family was murdered twenty years ago, and only he and his brother survived. Cyrus hid. Elias, because he is the murderer. Now that Elias is released from a secure mental hospital, forensic psychologist Cyrus must decide whether he can forgive the man who ruined his childhood. As he prepared to go home, Cyrus was called to the crime scene in Nottingham. A man dies and his daughter Maya goes missing. Then the second woman was kidnapped. The only witness is Evie Cormac, a troubled teenager with a gift for knowing when people are lying. Both missing women have dark secrets that Cyrus must solve to find them – and he and Evie know how the past has caught up with you again.

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