And We Rise

What’s wrong?

When AND WE RISE began, the year was 1877. Reconstruction, the period in which U.S. federal troops occupied the former federal states, is over. Jim Crow laws that set the rules for segregation were on the rise. This sparked a fight for black equality that will continue into the 21st century.

What’s good?

The poetry in this book offers a thought-provoking balance between information and emotion. In And We Rise, debut author Erica Martin uses a variety of writing and graphic layout techniques to get her message across. Some stories are told directly in the form of simple narratives, free verse, or couplets. Others use a lot of repetition to achieve the effect. (For example, the words “Whites Only” are repeated in “Signs Everywhere You Go,” and a poem about the Montgomery bus boycott counts the days.) The iconic photo complements the text. This book can be a great conversation starter and inspire kids to do more research.

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