Foraging with Kids

Hardback edition released 20/09/2018

by Adele Nozedar

Nature, history, folklore and cuisine seamlessly blend in this beautiful guide to the edible and medicinal delicacies that grow around us.

What better way to encourage kids to connect with nature than by promising delicious food? Wild in our gardens, parks, oceans and forests, foraging expert Adele Nozedar pays tribute to 52 beauties in this inspiring guide for the home and classroom. Every fantastic plant or tree, mushroom or herb has its own moment in the spotlight – Nozedar deftly weaves fun facts, folklore and recipe ideas to bring these different specimens to life. Who would have thought that daisies would be the ideal salve for bruises, or that nettles could be used to color and flavor Haribo candies? That chicken in the woods, that gorgeous mushroom that looks like a tree-side shelf, actually tastes like chicken…and liven up your omelet with some humble sticky grass? ! Foraging with Kids is intuitively categorized and perfectly aligned. No understatement for adults, nor too wordy for younger readers, its level of detail will keep curious minds busy! Special mention goes to Lizzie Harper’s stunning botanical illustrations. Suitable for coloring, these intricate drawings provide much-needed visual reference for those new to the art of foraging. This handy book can come in and out as the seasons change or our meal times need to change. With food prices soaring, this timely meditation on our natural pantry feels like the right time.

Lindsay Quill
In today’s world of increasingly sedentary lifestyles and growing estrangement from the food we eat, it’s never been more important to encourage children to put down their screens, get outside and interact with the natural world around them.

Foraging with Kids is a fun, practical book for parents to work with their children that encourages families to interact with their surroundings and gain knowledge and practical understanding of the natural world through exploration and play. These projects are based on approximately 50 readily identifiable plant species abundant in parks, forests and hedges around the world, making the challenge of discovering functional flora both feasible for people living in cities and rural areas alike. Once they have collected their plants, kids will be amazed at the many practical uses they can connect them to. From making soap with chestnuts or delicious eggless pudding with plantains to stopping bleeding with thorns.

Children will be so proud when they see their gatherings become part of a family meal, and parents will be amazed that even the least veggie-loving kids can develop an enthusiastic appetite for a meal they contribute. Complete with beautifully hand-drawn illustrations throughout, and filled with essential information on plant facts and identification, as well as a variety of fun, hands-on projects the whole family will want to get involved in, this is a great addition to anyone looking to keep it. The perfect book for kids to get out there in their care, connect with nature, and have a lot of fun doing it.

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