The Clackity

What’s the Story?

At the beginning of The Clackity, 12-year-old Evie von Rathe sets out to save her aunt from a mysterious creature known as The Clackity. Evie must enter seven strange houses and uncover their secrets. Her horror missions are scary and fun until she comes face-to-face with the ghost of a serial killer.

Is It Any Good?

Living in a haunted town has some perks, and this spooky chiller does their job. In The Clackity, Evie von Rathe is a brave and enduring heroine whose readers will cheer her every step of the way as she tries to save her beloved Aunt Desdemona. Their supernatural enemies are strange enough, while their allies are enduring and loyal. There’s room for a sequel, and readers will want more.

Book Details

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