The Drowning Sea

By Sarah Stewart Taylor

The Drowning Sea is an atmospheric program about a detective at a crossroads in her life.

Retired Long Island homicide detective Maggie D’Arcy is spending the summer with her Irish boyfriend, his son and their teenage daughter in West Cork, Ireland. They were on holiday in the quaint Rosehead village, but the idyllic journey was interrupted when human remains washed up on the shore near their cottage. The body was that of Polish immigrant Lukas Adamik, whose disappearance a few months ago led many in Rosehead to believe he had returned to Poland. But when police discovered the body had only recently died and ruled out an accident or suicide, the mystery of where Lucas had been and what happened to him took over the small community.

Additionally, Maggie’s mistress, Lisa Crawford, asks her to investigate the disappearance of her children’s governess, Dorothea. The Crawfords were once the owners of the local mansion Rosscliffe House, which Lissa sold after her family’s misfortune. Chief among them was her father’s tragic suicide on a cliff, after which Dorothea disappeared. Maggie investigates what happened to Dorothea, who realizes her case may be related to Lucas’ murder.

The first two Maggie D’Arcy crime dramas were set in Ireland and Long Island, but “Drowning Sea” completely immerses readers in Rosehead. Author Sarah Stewart Taylor has created a rich and slightly Gothic vibe, with the sea dashing against menacing, windswept cliffs and the Rosecliff House towering high. Despite the subtle change in tone, The Drowning Sea continues to explore the inner workings of its protagonist: Maggie becomes increasingly obsessed with the case, her stubborn detective work distracting from the reasons for her resignation and her life with her daughter issue of stability. Move to Ireland permanently and safely uprooted.

The drowning sea’s beautiful setting and unwavering instincts will satisfy and impress mystery readers, especially fans of traditional detectives.

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