The Perfect Crimes of Marian Hayes

By Cat Sebastian

If you’re not already a fan of historical romance, you’ll be after reading Marian Hayes’ Perfect Crime.

Cat Sebastian returns to the Georgian-era setting of Kit Webb’s queer principles and Marianne Hayes’ perfect crime in 2021, a story about two chaotic bisexuals who meet in their criminal adventure Fascinating story.

It’s hard to be hypocritical when you have to rely on men to blackmail you. That’s exactly the situation Marian Hayes, Duchess of Clare, was in after she shot her husband. The only person she can turn to for a quick exit strategy is Rob Brooks, a happy robber and liar who is blackmailing her. If she could get to her back, she would kick it. So begins another of Sebastian’s funniest romances.

Sebastian’s prose is humorous and sets a fast, carefree pace as Marianne and Rob wander the countryside trying to figure out their next move. She has a knack for making her characters resonate with modern audiences while making sure they feel like people living in 1751 and therefore having to grapple with a rigid class system. Rob is an impulsive, ruthless career criminal with an enviable record of robbery, forgery and horse theft. His secret is that he’s recently become the heir to a duchy he doesn’t want because he’s staunchly anti-noble on a philosophical level. Meanwhile, the brave and resourceful Marianne marries a duke to ensure her family is taken care of, but she soon finds the title too costly to pay. Unlike many historical romance novels, Fortune never lets the characters in Marian Hayes’ Perfect Crime get anywhere: it never makes them happy, and it never really changes their circumstances.

The couple’s mutual (initially reluctant) affection turns into a sweet romance, grounded in their shared pragmatism and humor, and the lonely silent wound that echoes in each of them. Rob has loved Marianne almost from the beginning, and despite her efforts to open up, she has always regarded his love as a treasure.

If you’re not already a fan of historical romance, by the time you finish reading this book, you’ll love it.

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