Zapato Power Series

What’s wrong?

Shortly after moving into ZAPATO POWER SERIES’ Starwood Park Apartments, young Freddie Ramos discovers a mysterious gift for him: shoes (“zapatos” in Spanish). Not just any shoes, but shoes that let him run faster than anything else, shoes that help him race on a train and fly around. Using this secret superpower, Freddy tries to solve puzzles and help those in his neighborhood – all while doing his homework and not being late for a break.

What’s good?

The multi-layered stories in these books are delightful, drawing young readers into the small details of Freddie’s life in a way rarely seen in earlier chapter books. The Zapato Power series features a fantastic cast of characters and adventurous mysteries to keep readers engaged. Freddy was always trying to help others, and he met Mr. Vaslov, who did the same, bringing a warm camaraderie to the entire series. The superpowers of shoes are the magic children dream of.

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